7.4 Release - 1/12/15Download

SHA256 5427c0110069a189b0b052a40d7aeb688c2a0866cf1b88fbb199ce5c80974322
SHA1 6b526f8c625d75f9d888bfced6f811767173daee
MD5 038761568f1923020a6eaaa8bdb0cd18
Changelog bundles an offline MRT2XML translator that can also detect out of order packets and malformed MRT messages
Support for geolocation of peers
Provided geodb now has 330 geolocated peers
Various stability improvements
Fixes in order to prevent stale sockets
Compiles and runs on OpenBSD
New initscripts and non-gnu makefiles
Config files now reside in /etc instead of /usr/local/etc

7.3.4 Release - 2/20/14Download

SHA256 8eeb05c6dd046c5643d8411068e9621a137d93d7055290ad6f4f41eb1e07de34
SHA1 71b021240c44cbcc6a195ff78f682349d05d2f7a
MD5 94576afff009fcb41785bd9e8e5a23f9
Changelog Enhances and stabilizes the module responsible for translating MRT or BGP into XML

7.3.3 Release - 1/24/14Download

SHA256 98ac905a6caae812de26a95aad41dff5a5906c8fc8444f74911d7f2fdce95c2f
SHA1 ad99089ee8b0e3015528778d24d3164fc73720e3
MD5 c946e33ccbfaa6486812cb09658323d2
Changelog Stability of socket operations inside the MRT module
Speed and stability of chaining between BGPmon instances
Cleanup of closed client connections
Adds translation to XML module for some deprecated BGP path attributes seen to be in use

7.3.2 Release - 1/13/14Download

SHA256 5b79ef0de65a84c128e13330c687a96bbe0f0036706d308991a147fc14cf009a
SHA1 9fd415db2a8d32025d3cd6801b689414e7924bad
MD5 de2fd8dd3d265dae990d046789bb0752
Changelog This version enhances stability of socket operations inside the MRT module

7.3.1 Release - 11/7/13Download

SHA256 412f6efde214486b423acbc7018105de95015de55bb28d7cedd31b0017131f78
SHA1 e7f8927337719fd6ca72d7e9f126bacf40eaee47
MD5 0edc58adefc97d847af34a23ac2c823e

7.2.4 Release - 2/15/2013Download

SHA256 f987edab4a4aa1f1ecc7e9ced907fed24d9f21be8aa2c9488c2f7c07ccd28c43
SHA1 2cea7d15b7659233edddb39637026b1820c0d836
MD5 705042d0c142ae7ffa11dc9a3037b88a

7.2.3 Release - 8/24/2012Download

SHA256 4f09404a750e99de9407b140d6f4129f0e981099f593843e8be6c4e5e070d067
SHA1 6fe7adfe324f85abae18ac594d48fac68eb6d9b7
MD5 de8d86acc818993975a6e9baf4939ae2
Changelog Improved memory management
Fixes to the MRT module
Fixes to IPv6 peering
Improvements to the CLI

7.2.2 Release - 12/6/2011Download

SHA256 60287f75ffd9082fbe6c01f88766763019f36c8427196c1e4ece9d6e0a6dfcde
SHA1 bd9f3c435ba1e852ae9d921ae9f0486a8b4ce7af
MD5 3c0a2d9e7106f02c825b57c2434a4524
Changelog Refactor of MRT Module
IPV6 Peering Corrected
Updated installation and startup procedure
Updated ARM
Fixed memory leaks
Fixed other minor bugs

7.2.1 Release - 8/1/2011Download

SHA256 712ffc36402a784737f915cc350e45d2f14bdfbe348d7a62579696b97060fce0
SHA1 82bea21ba8fd15685cab10046cedc432dfc9f6fe
MD5 5a8a5a539bcaf41c43e024b1da5d081c
Changelog New format for XML Output
Eliminated redundant data in Chain topology loops
Updated ARM
Added Quick Start Guide
Fixed memory leaks
Fixed other minor bugs

7.1.1 Release - 3/22/2011Download

SHA256 2fbbef9c11b9af50044c5abf3cbd0da5d3f5b2b3afcadc76eb32e4761151a6bf
SHA1 c03d5b7818450d13f516cc11e127fdecfe785e8a
MD5 872ef7b3e5d9eff2a70c8cd857557c10
Changelog Fixed problem with Route Refresh looping
Fixed problems with terminal input commands
XML attribute "QUAGGA" in configuration file was renamed to "MRT"
Added administrator's guide to configure BGPmon
Updated README file in archive
Fixed minor problems

7.1 Release - 3/3/2010Download

SHA256 94ad30877d8fee8845bff5f658e498833fea2939809890a39a4211e64fcdb5f2
SHA1 7139905b1a99d928b8145f42476e994c6b524c34
MD5 1f72f180adfc72e3463e34dc79f4a1b7
Changelog Support quagga full tables and updates
Support ASN 2 and 4 bytes
Added new commands "show quagga neighbor" and "show bgp routes"
Fixed bug with chain thread
Added functions for thread monitoring
Start/Stop scripts for Linux (RedHat, Fedora, Debian, Ubuntu) and FreeBSD

7.1 Release - 3/3/2010 (old)   Download